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Download the tecomp tarball (tecomp-xxx.tar.gz) and follow the installation procedure below (for windows see notes below).

  cd your/tecomp/dir                  # any directory where you want to put
                                      # the sources of tecomp
  tar xzvf path/to/tecomp/tarball     # extract the sources      
  mkdir tecomp-xxx/build              # tecomp-xxx is version xxx
  cd tecomp-xxx/build
  ../configure     # ../configure --prefix=/your/install/dir
  make install     # might require root privileges, if you don't have write 
                   # access to the installation directory

Default installation directory

  /usr/local/bin            for the tecomp binary
  /usr/local/lib/eiffel     for the libraries
  i.e. the default prefix is `/usr/local'

If you want to check the compiled programs, run

   make check

If you want to install tecomp on windows you need either cygwin or mingw.

In case of cygwin nothing special is needed. The above procedure installs tecomp.

If you have mingw, you have to uncomment in cal/build/ the line

   #cpp_mingw      = -DMINGW_RUNTIME

before calling `../configure'.

If you have cygwin and you want to compile tecomp such that the binary does not use the cygwin dll, uncomment in cal/build/ the lines

   #cxx_cygwin     = -mno-cygwin 
   #cpp_mingw      = -DMINGW_RUNTIME

before calling `../configure'. With that your tecomp executable works on any windows system even if cygwin is not installed.

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