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The Eiffel Compiler tecomp is released under the General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). I.e. You can

Tecomp does not require the Eiffel SW which it compiles and/or executes to be GPL SW. Your Eiffel code belongs to you and you can release it with any license you want. Tecomp just compiles and/or executes it. Therefore the libraries which are linked to your Eiffel code are released under the less constraining license LGPLv2.

The tecomp runtime, which is linked to your code if you compile via C to native code, is released under the LGPLv2 license as well.

This strategy has been chosen in order to make tecomp attractive for any user which wants to write Eiffel SW, regardless whether the compiled Eiffel SW is open source / free SW or not.

 Local Variables: 
 mode: outline
 coding: iso-latin-1
 outline-regexp: "=\\(=\\)*"