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The Eiffel Compiler (tecomp) compiles your Eiffel program into some internal representation, validates it and then executes the program in an Eiffel Virtual Machine. Later versions will provide the possiblility to store the compiled program and/or compile it to C for compilation to native code.

Tecomp focuses on giving you a very fast compilation and reasonable performance while executing the code in the virtual machine.

Compilation to C and to native code is seen as an optimization step for mature and tested programs. The compilation via C to native code will give runtime performance comparable to handwritten compiled C programs.

In order to write an eiffel program with tecomp, you need to write an ace-file which describes what is the root class and the root procedure and where to find the used eiffel classes and the libraries and the eiffel source files of your program (see Eiffel Tutorial for more details).

 Local Variables: 
 mode: outline
 coding: iso-latin-1
 outline-regexp: "=\\(=\\)*"